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Customers are billed monthly for ease of payment but sent a kit every three months (quarterly) in January, April, July, and November.  Kits ship the first week of the designated month. If you pay after the first day of the month that the kit gets shipped, the next kits will go out in the next quarter.     


Here's what we're planning:
April 2021: Decorating a Tray using transfers (handles included)
July 2021: Nautical sign using molds and stamps 
November 2021:  Coat Rack using texture powder (hooks included)



  • Everything you need for the craft in terms of supplies (paint, brushes, stencils, decor items, molds, transfers or other mediums)
  • A link to a how-to video as well as a printed card showing you the process step by step will be provided
  • A $5 coupon for use in-store or at our online store (if you want to buy other crafting supplies or products)

Have someone you want to craft with? Buy two kits (or more) to be sent to you for a fun night in with your craft-loving friends and loved ones. 

You will be autobilled monthly until you cancel but a new kit is shipped every three months. You can cancel at any time by simply email or calling us. If your balance is less than 3 months ($50.97), it will be refunded and the autopayment cancelled. Above the three month threshold, you'll be sent your final quarterly kit and the autopayment will be cancelled. (This information will also be included in your order so don't worry about remembering this- we just want you to know before you order!)

Quarterly Crafting Subscription with Junkchique

Price Options
Quaterly Craft Kit
Everything you need to do a fun craft at home, 4 times/year!
$11.99every month until canceled
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