JUNKCHIQUE features upcycled furniture and repurposed home decor in a variety of chic styles - from shabby chic to industrial chic. We paint, stain, and distress with the highest quality ingredients and pride ourselves in adding a unique flair to everything we touch, whether a piece we've found at a market, in an attic, or a client's custom piece. 


Our furniture and home decor are available for purchase at 145 Market Street (in with Thrifty Treasurers), SeaComm Plaza, Potsdam, New York. We are a proud retailer of Country Chic clay based paints and specialty products ideal for a variety of crafting and furniture projects and Iron Orchid Designs (transfers/stamps/moulds). Watch for our new DIY kits and shop at our new online store (opening soon.

Est. before the "DIY" phase ever became popular.


Shop Furniture, Home Decor, Country Chic Paints and Iron Orchard Design transfers, molds and stamps at Thrifty Treasures at 145 Market Street, SeaComm Plaza, Potsdam, NY

by Appointment

Address: 15 Livingston Road

West Stockholm, NY 13676

Phone: 315-212-0889

Email: junkchique@yahoo.com